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When you are surrounded by carrion animals you start to wonder if the only animal that doesn’t realize you're the carrion is you. I was walking to work one early morning in the fall; no sun, just the weird orange sky of phosphor street lights hitting clouds, the downtown empty of any other people. As I got closer to a row of trees I heard the cawing of crows (corvidae corvus), then more, and then more. I looked up at a black mass, all wings and eyes and claws and beaks. It was just me and all these birds, and maybe I didn’t belong there.

I’ve been trying to get at the feeling I felt that morning for a while, and though an ambient piece may have been the obvious choice it didn’t feel right. I started this track with the Phrygian bit played on the kind of swirly psychedelic synth that becomes sharper and more commanding at the start of the second half. I knew almost right away this was it, this was the thing I’d been trying to get at. The brassy lead that comes in around the 2 minute mark is the sort of synth I’ve come to associate with fall thanks to Chris Clark. I think it wraps up the EP in a bittersweet, but hopeful, note. I hope you enjoy it.


from Through EP, released September 9, 2016



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Brendan Hanks Iowa City, Iowa


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