New Planes

from by Brendan Hanks



Every time I write a melody that starts in one mode then slips into another mode for a measure or two I feel like I’m channeling Gary Numan, so this is like Gary Numan playing a rave synth. When I opened for Ben Frost the club had brought in massive stacks of subwoofers for him that made the sub bass on this sound amazing. I later found out that when I played this track it shook the tables hard enough that my wife’s bottle of beer was bounced off the table and broke on the ground next to her, though thankfully she was not injured.

The title for this one didn’t come easy - I ran at least two past Phil Rabalais that we both agreed just didn’t cut it. The central melody is unapologetic optimism - ‘New Planes’ felt right. New planes of existence, new ways of feeling.


from Through EP, released September 9, 2016



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Brendan Hanks Iowa City, Iowa


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