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For some reason this one took a while- I had the first two thirds for months before coming up with the ending. The title came as something of a joke to myself once I was done: I was finished, through. But ‘through’ is such a great, malleable word: you can be through with your work, you can drive through a city, you see through a scanner darkly, or clearly. You’ve reached your destination, or you’re still traveling. You observe with assistance or obstruction. You are both between and at the end.

The portamento-heavy topline reminds me of some mid-90s IDM. I’m not sure I’ve ever before slathered a bass in so much delay, it feels like I’m breaking some rule of production, but it sounds so rich I don’t really care.


from Through EP, released September 9, 2016



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Brendan Hanks Iowa City, Iowa


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