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I love how hilariously sinister this one ended up sounding, like maybe it's soundtracking a couple of Muppets in trench coats sneaking into a bank. I highly recommend dancing to this one in the most Muppet-y way possible, which is essentially all shoulders up and down like you don’t have bones in your arms.

I’m constantly asking myself if I need to write more material, if the melody needs to be further expanded upon, if the drums need to switch up more often, etc. This track is really the one that kicked off the whole EP - I wanted to know how little I could write, what was my personal threshold for repetition, how could I create an arc through changes in timbre or by adding/subtracting from the arrangement as I was listening and not when I was looking at a grid. The drums here are only a few bars, but I was happy with how the groove of the whole thing could change just by taking out a part or adding another one in. Also, hanging on a melody that only moves by semitones and never resolves was a nice way to get out of my comfort zone.


from Through EP, released September 9, 2016



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Brendan Hanks Iowa City, Iowa


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